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At The Sourcers Apprentice, we offer clients the opportunity to develop property investment as a business to increase their personal income, business acumen and be able to have the right work life balance for them.

As a professional teacher Vicki Wusche understands about learning styles and learning construction. Our education programmes are offered in a wide variety of mediums from online to face to face. It is visual, auditory or written – you choose.

There are free materials and resources for those who are curious and when you are ready to develop your property business to the next level we are here to support your journey.


My wife and I met with Vicki, as part of a strategy session, to discuss how to build a portfolio of high cash flowing properties. It was immediately clear that she has an expert grasp of her subject matter and can simplify and seperate complex ideas relating to both investment strategies and financing strategies in a clear ad concise manner. I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in investing in property. My wife and I wouldn’t make a property investmest without her advice.–James Kinsley, City Lawyer

Thank you for the strategy session – the clarity that it has brought is amazing and it suddenly struck me that I have never been that detailed before. I can really see the benefit and it feels good.–Matthew Braithwaite

Before I met Vicki,I knew what I wanted and the strategies I had chosen but I had not properly ‘joined the dots’. I would spend hours if not days being in my head and not getting anywhere.When I was stuck in business I turned to Vicki for some coaching. Vicki talked more about realising what I wanted from my life and how property can get me there. I like Vicki’s philosophy. She clearly showed me the way forward, reinforcing my beliefs and setting out a course of action. I am now clear on my business model and my actions. Thank you Vicki for unblocking me. If I reach that point again I know who I will turn too. –Nick Bailey


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  1. Andy Thomas on said:

    Reading your 2nd book Vicki. Very interesting. Thanks :)

  2. Shareen on said:

    I have recently read Vicki’s new book and would like access to the documents referred to in it. Thanks

  3. Carole Williams on said:

    Could you give me some information about your one to one mentoring programme, including cost. Thank you.

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